Industrial Building Automation.

M7 Power provides industry-leading industrial building automation solutions. We are Mississauga's industrial building automation experts. Our electricians have been providing building automation services in the Greater Toronto Area, for over 30 years!

Warehouse Automation.

Design. Connect. Power.

Single Room Controls.

Start room by room. We offer to build automation solutions that manage a limited amount of devices. These systems are fantastic for flex spaces or mixed-use warehouses.

Whole Building Systems.

Enhance your building. Modernizing your building is easier than you think. Our electricians and technicians design and install smart building systems, giving you the flexibility and control over your structure that you always desired. Whole building systems reduce energy consumption, increase operational efficacies and dramatically shorten problem-solving time due to fault-finding software.

We Install the Following
LED Panels.
Shading Systems.
Occupancy Sensors.
LED Dimmers.
Fan Controls.
Daylight sensors.
Wall Plates.
Pendant Lighting.
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Automation Solutions.

Lighting Controls. 

An integrated smart lighting system allows you to control, monitor and manage all the lighting fixtures in your building. On the macro level, building managers can control the entire building by the way of the web-based interface. While on the micro-level, they can control single fixtures. Building managers can also monitor energy consumption in real time, meeting energy and sustainability objectives. Lighting devices that we install include dimmers, switches, fan controls, timers, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, parking lot lighting, LED panels plus much more.

Centralized Systems. 

At M7 Power, we take your building from decentralized to centralized by way of smart control strategies. An intelligent control system ensures that you reduce costs, increases your building's performance. Additionally, you will be able to monitor your building's status wirelessly (from home) and quickly locate issues at hand. These strategies ensure you maximize your building's performance and improve building operations while reducing your energy demands.

Shading Solutions. 

An automated shading system increases the energy efficiency of your building, and the comfort of occupants and increases the value of your building. This system automatically adjusts the shades according to the weather outside sustaining a glare-free atmosphere. Automated shades also work jointly with your lighting system. This strategy is called “daylight harvesting” in which lighting and shading work to rely on as much natural light as possible.
The findings of the PNNL study, published in May 2017, show that installing currently developed and properly tuned controls could cut commercial building energy consumption by approximately 29%.
Creative Solutions. Creative Results.
M7 Power is a full-service electrical contracting company that works closely with our clients. We bring 30+ years of creative solutions and problem-solving to the table. 
M7 Power is a full-service commercial and industrial electrical contracting company based in Mississauga. For over 30 years, our commercial electricians have been servicing Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. We are the industrial electricians Mississauga trusts! | ECRA/ESA #7011489. 
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