Industrial Electricians.

We are the industrial electricians in Mississauga warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution plants trust. M7 Power provides best-in-class industrial electrician services in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 

Market Sectors.
We provide industrial electricians to a multitude of sectors. If you are looking for industrial electrical contractors in Mississauga, contact us today!
Our electricians install warehouse lighting, forklift charging packs, smart building automation. 
Distribution Centers.
We install loading dock lighting systems, forklift charging centres, smart fulfilment technology. 
Manufacturing Plants.
We conduct machine wiring and installation on small to large pieces of machinery. Industrial Automation and lighting.
Cold Storage.
Our industrial electricians have wide-ranging experience from refrigerated containers to cold rooms.  
Flex Space.
We have experience working in early childhood centres to high schools. 
Trenching & Excavation.
We install parking lot lighting, data, and communication runs from building to building. charger pack installation. We are the industrial electricians Mississauga counts on.
Industrial Electrical Services.
Machinery Installations.
At M7 Power, we have decades of experience helping manufacturers layout, assemble and install machinery in their facilities. Our background is diverse. Our industrial electricians have worked with many clients specializing in unique fields such as food processing, electrostatic paint finishing, compression, hydraulic manufacturing, automotive and many more. Our industrial electricians provide value because we know the installation process and have been around thousands of small-scale to large-scale machinery installations.
Industrial Ovens
Industrial Scales.
Milling Machines.
CNC Lathes.
CNC Milling Machines.
Web-fed Printing Presses.
High-speed Laminators.
Forklift Chargers.
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Industrial Lighting.
At M7 Power, we have changed hundreds of thousands of bulbs over three decades. Our industrial electricians understand the importance of lighting. A well-designed lighting plan can completely change the atmosphere inside and outside a building. We offer several lighting solutions aimed at enhancing your facility. Inside, we provide lighting maintenance services, including repairing, converting, and replacing ballasts and/or bulbs. We also offer complete lighting packages that include removing outdated halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent lights with state-of-the-art LED fixtures. Our industrial electricians also have experience installing explosion-proof lighting and other hard-to-access lighting fixtures. Our lighting specialists and industrial electricians will walk you through the entire process ensuring that your facilities have the correct lighting for the space.
LED High Bay Lighting
Industrial Light Strips
Fluorescent High Bay Lights
Industrial Shop Lights
Explosion Proof Lighting
Exterior Lighting
Security Lighting
Parking Lot Lighting

Industrial Automation & Control Systems.

We love helping businesses enhance their production capabilities. Industrial automation helps our clients save on labour costs, increase safety and throughput as well as improve productivity. Our industrial electricians make the entire process simple and walk through the development step by step. Industrial automation does not always have to be advanced robotics. It can involve automating routine manufacturing tasks such as controlling conveyor systems. Our industrial automation electricians have experience in installing sensors, control panels and systems, motor controls, and PLCs.

EV Charging Station Installations.

We provide comprehensive EV charging solutions for condos, manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, and flex spaces. As the workplace shifts toward green energy, we are here to provide your commercial and industrial buildings with high-quality EV charging station installations. If you are looking for electric charging stations in Mississauga our EV electricians install level 2 electric vehicle chargers, level 3 public use charging stations, EV charging station pedestal system, safety disconnect switches, and surge protective panels. As licensed electricians, we can install and verify that your EV charger has been safely connected.

Industrial Electricians that Mississauga Trusts!

We offer free estimates and onsite visits within the Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for industrial electrical contractors in Mississauga, contact us today!
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M7 Power is a full-service commercial and industrial electrical contracting company based in Mississauga. For over 30 years, our commercial electricians have been servicing Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. We are the industrial electricians Mississauga trusts! | ECRA/ESA #7011489. 
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